Our Winter Home: Oaxaca, Mexico

For those of you interested in seeing sights of Oaxaca, Mexico, where we spend our winters, and hearing some of the sounds, too, here is a new video “Baroque Pipe Organs of Oaxaca.” The episode in the series “In the Americas with David Yetman,” from the PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) television programs is narrated by Internationally renowned writer, host, producer, and organ aficionado, Yetman and also features his collaborator, historian Bill Beezley. Our friend Cicely Winter, the fascinating U.S. ex-pat organist, founder of the IOHIO (Instituto de ├ôrganos Hist├│ricos de Oaxaca), and festival organizer is interviewed.
This video was made during IOHIO’s Twelfth International Organ and Early Music Festival in February 2018, which we attended as we did the festival of 2020. The film achieves its goal of setting the Organ Festival in the broader context of the landscape, peoples, and history of Oaxaca.
We would like to read your comments and are interested to know if you would enjoy seeing and learning more about the area and culture including the textile arts, music and food, festivals, beaches, etc.. And, oh-h, the food! (On Mary’s blog she also has posts about Oaxaca.)
Click below for the video:
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