Hi, we are

Bruce & Mary DeLoria

Welcome to our story...

Here's a little about us...

Mary; (grand) mom; spinner, knitter, dyer, weaver; master gardener, chef; traveler; photographer; blogger ...
Bruce: step-grand/father; designer/builder, form analysis; organization; inner & outdoor seeker...

and a few of our interests ...

Fiber, Yarn, Fabric

Twisting minutely thin animal and vegetable, to say nothing of synthetic, strands of fiber already dyed with color from vegetable, mineral, insects or chemicals to bedazzle. Draping to taste.

Gardening & Hiking

Digging, hauling, wacking and stacking asparagus to peonies, figs to raspberries in the wetted down mud of backyard gardens. Hiking up mountain hills, temporate and desert, in the hot, loud Mexican towns always full of noise and street-vendor's, spicy food

Music, Hot Tubs & Friends

Sharing Music: arrangement, performance, review; Film & Drama: history & criticism in the USA and abroad with the loudest and brightest; Natural ANNR, TNS and even Irish nude club members, but especially at Mountaindale Sun Resort. Chillin' out.

Design: Plaids to Websites

Splashing up colors and patterns to wear and send out to cover bare heads and shoulders. Painting, scrawling words and poetry brightly on screens, bulletin boards and sharing a big world view with friends.

...wherever we are in the real world.

...wherever we are you can find us here online.

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